About the MRPA

Maria Regina Parents' Association (MRPA)

The Maria Regina Parent's Association believes as parents we can demonstrate the importance of Maria Regina Catholic School and act of Stewardship to our children by actively volunteering our time and talents to the school community. 

Remeber, no time or talent gift is too small!
The objective of this organization is to manage and execute activites connected with Maria Regina School.
They include at a minimum the follwing:
1. Provide services to the students and staff of Maria Regina by coordinating the extensive volunteer needs of the school.
2. Provide a forum for open communication between all memebers of the school community.
3. Strengthen our school community and education process with spiritual, social and cultural programs.
4. Provide opportunities for school parents to get to know each other through various social actiivtes both with and without their children.
5.Rasie funds for the benifit of our school.

MRPA BOARD 2017-2018
Melissa Messina-President 516-554-5335
Kathy Cox-Vice President
Maria Spanuolo-Secretary 516-6371375
Terri Milone-Cantillo-Treasurer 516-359-1330