6th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to 6th Grade
Social Studies!

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Wed. March 1st - Ash Wednesday - Students will receive ashes today.
Thurs. March 2nd - Dr. Seuss' birthday - Student Council sponsored event in the afternoon / Wear Dr. Seuss accessories
***Thurs. March 23rd - SCHOOL IS IN SESSION - 10am dismissal


All students must have 2 or 3 sturdy pocket folders that are empty at all times. These folders are used as their testing folders in class. Also, make sure they have a silent reading book at all times.  

Please note that students are not allowed to dress down for their birthday any more as per Mrs. Arpino. Students may only bring in a small treat(ex. cupcake, cookie, munchkins) which will be served at lunch.  

Please remind your children to copy the homework off of the blackboard. Do not just rely on this website as technology does not always work. All students are expected to have their homework completed even if they are not able to access this website.  All students are expected to purchase the Maria Regina assignment pad for $6.  

 Extra help will be once a month after school.  The schedule will be posted soon.  All students must bring in a note stating they will be staying for extra help.

  Please keep a silent reading book in your backpack or desk at all times. This will be especially needed on days of a test.