8th Grade Life Science

If you did not finish the review of the respiratory system, finish it for homework.

If you did not finish the review of speed, time, and distance, finish it for homework.

Finish writing about the brain, the heart, the stomach and the intestines.

If you did not finish pages 175-184 in the review book in class, you must finish it for homework.
If you did  not complete pages 100-105 in your review book, finish it for homework.

5/1 I have posted the video on the amniotic egg on my google classroom page.
There will be a test on vertebrates and the amniotic egg on May 7th.   Please review the packet I gave you and the notes on the amniotic egg in your notebook.

If you did not finish the review questions 1-3 on page 461 in class you must finish them tonight for homework.

There will be a test on April 26th.  Study your notes on an introduction to animals and animal behavior.

If you didn't finish your lab report in class today, complete it for homework.

All egg drop project supplies must be in tomorrow.

If you did not submit a design and materials list for your egg drop project, you must complete it tonight for homework.


If you have not finished all of the entries on the human family tree, finish them tonight for homework.  The link is on my Google classroom page.