8th Grade Life Science
March 30th
Complete pages 70-75 in your review book by April 4th.
There will be a test on Heredity
(pages 67-80) on Friday, April 7th.

March 22nd
pages 57-61 in the review book
Due on Friday, March 24th.

March 13th

Science review book pages 49-55 - Due March 16th

March 8th
There will be a test on Chapter 4 on March 16th.  Extra help will be offered on March 15th during study hall.

February 13th
Pages 19-27 in your review book
Due on February 27th.

February 7, 2017
There will be a quiz tomorrow on mitosis and the cell cycle.

February 3rd
All science fair experiments must be completed and photographed before Monday, February 6th.  Students must be ready to write up their experiments on February 6th.  All trifold boards must be in school by February 10th so students can start preparing the board for the science fair.