7th Grade Physical Science
June 12th
Non Regents
If you did not finish page 250 in the textbook (#1-17), finish it tonight for homework.

 June 8
There will be a test on magnetism on June 15th.  Please study all three lessons in the chapter on magnetism.
May 12th
There will be a test on electrical energy on May 19th.  Please review pages 102-119 in your interactive textbook.

April 25
Non regents - interactive text page 107

There will be a test on Chapter 6 on 4/6 

3/27 homework
 first period science students -  page 101 in your workbook.

The test has been moved to March 16th.  I have posted a link to the  Glencoe review website on my google classroom page.

March 8
There will be a test on chapter 5 on March 15th.    Extra help will be offered during study hall on  Tuesday, March 14th.

February 3rd
All science fair experiments must be completed and photographed before Monday, February 6th.  Students must be ready to write up their experiments on February 6th.  All trifold boards must be in school by February 10th so students can start preparing the board for the science fair.