Homework is now assigned through
Google Classroom!

Due Date  Assignment
Oct 17
EdPuzzle Video on Heredity Due. TAKE NOTES! 
Oct 14 
NYS Making Connections Lab Report and Student Answer Packet Due
Oct 5
EdPuzzle Video on mitosis and meiosis due. Take notes on the video! Finish Mitosis web quest and turn it in on Google Classroom.
Tuesday Oct 4 EdPuzzle Video on life processes due. Take notes on the video!
Sept 30
EdPuzzle Video on DNA. Take notes on the video!
Sept 29
Complete the Cheek Cell Lab Activity. This includes all questions and all labeling of the cell.
Wednesday Sept 28 Complete cell organelle web quest parts 1,2 and 3 in Google Classroom. Get your Sci Method test signed.
Tuesday Sept 27 Complete EdPuzzle video on the cell and organelles. Take notes and answer all questions! Complete Making Connections Lab Report Planner with the experiment YOU will be conducting. 
Monday Sept 19 Complete Aug 2005 and June 2006 regents questions on worksheet.  STUDY for test on scientific method. Friday 9/24.