All students have been given instructions as to
what to get for their costumes.  Costumes are due in school on Monday, March 18th to be checked.

ORPHANS: Please have black leggings and black long sleeve shirts.  You will need black shoes or boots.  We are having your "over" dress made for you so everyone looks similar. When you sit on the risers, you will need a winter coat, gloves, scarf and carry 1 school book.

 Remember, the setting of this musical is the 1930's so outfits
should be appropriate to that time period.
There is a THRIFT store called UNIQUE on Hempstead Turnpike in the Tri County Flea Market (left side) in Levittown and another one in Westbury. You might be able to find exactly what your costume requires, especially accessories like hats, bow ties, briefcases, suitcases, etc.

The Childrens' Chorus costume will be their ANNIE Jr. T-shirt, dark pants, dark shoes and dark socks.  They should be rehearsing their 3 songs every night at home.  Watching and listening to the songs on YOU TUBE would be quite helpful to them, if can please assist.

***Costumes & props (other than the Children's Chorus) must be in school by MONDAY, March 18th.

Orphans no longer need the pails as Miss Celeste bought the mops and brooms to use. All costumes will remain in school until after the show.  Please label any costumes or props with your name so
that they can be returned to you.