Teach Your Youngsters a Love of Learning
To help your children succeed in school and beyond, parents can take 3 simple but possibly surprising steps:
1. Read aloud to your kids and let them see you reading yourself for your own enjoyment.
2. Present the practical...have your kids help you cook and shop to show them such important math and science concepts such as measuring, adding and making change.
3. Go with the media flow...instead of confronting kids about the electronic equipment they enjoy, many savvy parents are taking a tip from America's schools and using the media to make learning fun.  
RESEARCH: The Kaiser Family Foundation indicates that students consume media over 6 hours a day (8 when exposed to multiple forms of media at the same time).  Recognizing this trend, teachers and school administrators have turned to digital content as a new tool to engage students in learning.  Digital content is more engaging for today's students because it's a medium they are already familiar and comfortable with and it holds their attention.  Frequent use of educational digital content is associated with higher achievement scores in math and reading. Free educational material is available at http://schooldiscoveryeducation.com
Created on 8/26/2009 - Last updated on 11/14/2009