Research shows that children who play with adults demonstrate greater creativity and higher levels of language and problem-solving skills.  Adults can also benefit by reducing stress and increasing relaxation.  In fact, learning and enjoyment soar when all ages play together.  For tips on intergenerational play and ideas for toys, download the free brochure at playisforever.com or gu.org.
The experts at Generational United and the Toy Industry Association offer the following suggestions:
1-Choose toys that are suitable to each participant's age, ability and skill level, enabling everyone to play.
2-Focus on the interaction and relationship building rather than the activity or competition.
3-Keep in mind that any toy can be adapted for intergenerational use, using conversation to enhance the play.
4-Include older relatives like grandparents in your Time To Play activities.
Created on 9/3/2008 - Last updated on 11/14/2009