"Few children learn to love books by themselves.  Someone has to lure them into the wonderful world of the written word: someone has to show them the way."~Orville Prescott
Research shows that children who read books for 
just 20 minutes a day perform better in school.  
Here are some great ways to get your child reading!
1. Set aside a reading time that is good for everyone.
2. Pick a reading place that is comfortable.
3. Read together, taking turns with each page.
4. Involve and engage listeners by asking comprehension questions as you read: "What do you think will happen next?", "Why do you think that person did that?"
5. Fill your home with reading materials like books, magazines, newspapers, cookbooks, etc. and use them daily.
6. Get caught reading yourself because when your child sees you read, he/she will be inspired to read also.
7. Older siblings read to younger siblings.  This will help both.
8. Start seasonal traditions like picking a book to read every year when summer starts or there is a holiday.
9. Keep favorite books around as a confidence builder.
Created on 6/14/2009 - Last updated on 11/14/2009