Choosing Books at the Right Reading Level 
"Just-right books" make reading more fun and less frustrating. 
Question: How can I help my daughter choose books that are at her reading level?  
Answer: "Just-right books" make reading more fun and less frustrating. Have your child try the "five-finger test" to select a book. 
 1. Choose a book you would like to read.

2. Look at a page in the middle.

3. Put one finger down for every word you can't read or don't understand. If you have five fingers down, the book may be too hard.

4. If you have fewer than five fingers down, the book is "just right"! Read it. 
Your child may want to read a book that is "too hard" based on this test. That's okay. Just make it a book that you read aloud to her, or that you read together (perhaps alternating pages or chapters; or she reads, but you sit alongside to answer questions or help her with challenging words).

Created on 9/21/2011 - Last updated on 9/21/2011