Research has found 2 major things that work AGAINST a child becoming an excellent reader: 
ENEMY #1: TELEVISION...Mindless hours spent watching TV rob our children of time they could spend reading. Taming the TV monster is a great way to start improving children's reading skills. And, it's not as hard as you might think. 
1. Issue TV tickets good for 30 minutes of television time. When the TV tickets are gone, the TV is turned off for the week. 
2. Put the TV set where it's hard to get. Convenience is a big reason children watch so much TV. Teachers say a child's room is a bad place for a TV set. 
3. Keep a TV log. Give your child a notebook in which to write down every program he/she watches. Often, when children see how much they watch, even they are amazed. Cutting out "JUNK" TV is easier with a TV log. 4. Make a weekly TV plan. Sit down with your child to make a written plan of what TV shows to watch in the coming week. Selecting a reasonable amount of TV to watch on purpose makes sense to most children. 
ENEMY #2: PARENTS WHO DON'T READ THEMSELVES...We influence our children most by what we do. If our children are to become good readers, experts say children need to see us reading too.
 PARENT QUIZ...take this quiz to see if you are a good reading model for your child
 -----1. My child sees me reading something every day.
 -----2. I have my own library card and we make regular family trips to the library.
 -----3. Things to read are easy to find in my house. We have books, magazines or newspapers in most rooms.
 -----4. Sometimes I talk with my child about what I'm reading. 
-----5. My child and I OFTEN read things aloud to each other. "Actions speak louder than words." The example we set for our children in reading is one of the most influential things we can ever do. 
Give yourself 5 points on each question if you feel what you are doing is "excellent", zero points for "poor", or any score in between you think you deserve. 
HOW DID YOU SCORE? 20-25 points is EXCELLENT, 15-19 points is good, below 15 points may mean you can do more to become a GOOD READING EXAMPLE for your child.
Created on 9/3/2008 - Last updated on 11/14/2009