8th Grade ELA/LIterature

        Be kind to one                   another.
                                    -Eph 4:32

"There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder."

                                      - Ronald Reagan



This year the 8th grade embarks on an exciting journey.  Along with all the activities that are a part of the 8th grade experience, there are academic challenges that need to be met.

- Analytical and inferential evidence from texts will be explored.
- The craft and structure of literature will be determined.
- An integration of knowledge and ideas will be encouraged.
- A range of reading and text complexity including narratives, dramas, and poems will be studied.
- The joy of writing will be enlivened through multiple modalities with emphasis on vocabulary, expression, and critical thinking.

The 8th grade students in preparation for high school will be guided in awareness of their Moral Compass.
Each facet: integrity, responsibility, compassion, and forgiveness are the cornerstone of the 8th grade philosophy of growth and maturity.

***Please refer to the calendar for the homework.