Miss Cullinan's Pre-K Class


Make sure to check your child's folder each night, for important information, creative work/crafts, and read our weekly news letter full of all our amazing learning and fun we have! 

Come to our school's silent auction May 6th to win Pre-K 1's Jellybean Plate with your child's fingerprints and their friends for a memory to treasure! 

Come win our Pre-K 1 Jellybean Tree Plate with your child's fingerprints and friends on May 6th!



The love of our children flows strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure and keep.
Thank you for sending your children to Maria Regina School.
I will do my best to treasure each child and help them to make  memories for them to keep.
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 I am so excited for this school year. I like to look at Pre-Kindergarten as a bowl of soup, adding all these ingredients to create the best Pre-Kindergartner ever! 
~ Add a splash of independence
~ A pound of love and faith
~ A cup full of learning
Mix these and together we will have a successful, faithful year!  



Between The Lions
Beginning Reading
Fun Math Practice
Practice math skills ixl.com
Supply List 2014-2015
All incoming Pre-K students will need these supplies.

Taught By

Miss Cullinan
Phone: 516-541-1229
Room: 24
Office Hrs:     7:30am-8am After School: 3:00-3:30pm

Class Profile

Subject: Pre-Kindergarten
Room: 24
Grade(s): PK
Schedule: 8:20am-2:20pm  
HALF DAY-Dismissal at 11:15am
After Care: If needed is provided till 6:00pm