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"The future starts today, not tomorrow."
--Saint John Paul The Great

   Summer 2019

Wow!!! What a Year!
Animal Interviews- habitats/ biomes / food chains
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Christmas Around the World/ Greece
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We transformed our classroom into a rainforest.

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Horizons- made educational games
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Science Fair
Donuts with Dads- playing Kahoot
SS Movies- Liberty's Kids
Field Day          Kid.png    
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Field trip to the Freedom Tower
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Math Bee- Drew Houck placed 3rd
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State Projects
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Polygon Art
So many books read.....
Wonder          Esperanza Rising
Promises to Keep
Number The Stars
Dragon Rider       Tracker
Each Kindness      Lighthouse
The William Hoy Story
The Most Beautiful Roof in the World, Etc..,Etc...
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Very proud of the 5th grade going on to 6th grade!
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Have a wonderful, safe, and relaxing summer!!!
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