"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind....and love others as much as you love yourself."    Based on Mark 12:28-31


MONDAY:     Music  

TUESDAY:    Gym, Stem


THURSDAY:  Spanish

FRIDAY:  Library, Technology

Extra help will be offered to the students on the first Monday of each month. This will begin in October and end in May from 2:40-3:45. If you would like your child to attend extra help classes, I request a written note. (hard email please)

The children will receive 2 notebooks in September. They will be used as an H-book and a J-book.  There will be a fee for any additional notebooks.   

Your child will receive an assignment pad in September.  They will copy their homework into it.  The spelling menu is attached to the pad.  Your child should choose a different assignment box each night when spelling homework is given.

Parents, may I ask you to please read the calendar and handbook.  You will find information that your child needs to follow.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Please send in a note for everything.  (absences, change in dismissal, clubs, brownies, cub scouts, etc.)  Notes must be written....NO EMAILS...HARD COPY ONLY

If  your child does not complete classwork in class, the work needs to be completed at home.  

Please remember to send your child with a healthy snack every day:)  Water is the only drink permitted during snack time.

Please sign all homework and tests.  Thank you!!!!!

Review your math facts everyday:)

Please read at least 20 minutes per day:)

Please send in lunch coupons for the entree.  Snack and drink  monies should be in an envelope clearly labeled with your child's name, snack and drink.  The coupon plan will begin the second week of school.  Please purchase your coupons.

Book It calendars will be checked every Friday.

All monies should be in a labeled envelope.

Please speak with your child about showing respect and kindness.

 Please remember we are a team!