Classroom Procedures
Classroom Procedures
Snack each morning: water and healthy food please.

Lunch: You may order hot lunch and drink and snack daily, or you may bring your own. The lunchroom has a "allergy/peanut free table" that students may sit at.

Uniforms: Maria Regina School uniform policy is in the handbook. Please refer to it regarding acceptable options. NO bracelets, tattoos, nail polish, etc is permitted.

Extra Help is offered once a month after school. Please refer to the calendar for times/dates.

HORIZONS: This is a Friday afternoon (1:00 - dismissal) in which students may choose a "fun-educational club" to join. First and second graders and put together in these classes. All first and second grade teachers run the programs of their choice. The fall selection runs 6 weeks and the Spring selection runs about 9. The selections are different each time. Mrs. Arpino has final decision on what student attends each class, although students are asked their preference.

After school Clubs: will be determined.

Birthdays: Please note we have many allergies in our room.  Our class mom will get in touch with you to arrange all the events.

Recess is in the yard out behind the school. First graders are sectioned off from the older grades.

First Friday Mass is at 9 am. You may send in canned food items for the Parish Pantry.

Mrs. Archbold is our Math academic intervention specialist who will push in to my room 5 times per week to assist in instruction and support of math lessons.
Mrs. Schachner is our English academic intervention specialist who will push in 5 days a week to assist in lessons and support.

STEM: Miss Meehan is our STEM TEACHER and she will push in our class once a week to work on fun projects with the students.

Spanish: Our Spanish teacher  will push in to work with the students once a week.

Library: Students attend Library once per week. They may check out a book which I keep in the classroom.

Band: Violin is offered this year to first grade students. Mr. Orzano is our band teacher who comes on Wednesday from the Plainedge district to teach students instruments.