Winter uniform begins on Monday, 10/16/17.

Today your child has 3 sheets of paper in his/her pocket folder.  They are directions for a saint report.  The saint report is due on 11/3.....please send them in on that day only.  Your child needs to give me a name of a saint by 10/18....please have them write it on a piece of paper or their H-book. I need to approve the saint before they begin their report.  Please practice their oral piece at home as they will not be able to read their report.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Book it Calendars are checked on Fridays!

Class and Individual Pictures are on 10/16 and 10/17....please send in Picture Envelope

Please send in a smock for Art class.  Thank you!

Fire Safety Poster is mandatory and due on Monday 10/16 to class.  Please follow all the directions.  There are 2 sides to the poster.

As your child's workbooks come home please cover them with contact paper.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Monday:  remember to study your math facts for addition and subtraction everyday

Math:  pp 153, 154

Spelling:  words 3x each, test on Friday

Spelling words:  up, bug, mud, nut, hug, tub, friend, full, good, pull


Math:  study math facts.....write numbers 1-25 forward and backward

Spelling:  Put the first 5 words in sentences


Math:  pp 165, 166

Spelling:  put the last 5 words in telling sentences


Spelling:  test tomorrow

Math:  pp 171, 172

Friday:  Practice your prayers

Pencil cases will go home on Fridays to be cleaned out...please send them back to school for Monday.

Please send in a note before your child's birthday if you would like to send in a treat.  Cupcakes, munchkins, individual bags of chips or pretzels are the only acceptable treat.  Bottled water is the only acceptable drink at snack time.

Homework club is Monday-Thursday 2:45-3:45.  The fee is $10.00.

Please sign and return all tests.

Written homework is given Monday-Thursday.  The students need to show effort.  Parents please sign.  Homework is due the next school day.

Book It is a Reading Program at Maria Regina School.  It starts in October and ends in March.  Monthly calendars will be given to the students to keep a record of their reading.  The calendars are checked on Fridays.

Students should not wear any jewelry on Gym days.

Please do not do any pages in workbooks unless they are assigned by me.  Thank you for your attention to this matter

Please be mindful of due dates.

School begins at 8:00-2:40.

Your child will be marked late after the 8:15 bell.  It is imperative that students come to school on time.

New notebooks are $2.00 each.  Your child needs a J-book and H-book everyday.

Remember to send in a note for any change in dismissal....not an email....a hard copy please.

Absentee notes are required after an absence.

If class work is not completed in school, the children will complete it as part of homework.

Please practice printing the alphabet Aa-Zz and numbers 1-20.  Remember neatness counts!

Please remember when sending in money EXACT CHANGE please.  Also, please do not put snack money with horizon money or any other monies together.  Each item needs to be separated.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.