Welcome to First Grade!!!!!







Extra help will be offered to the students on the first Monday of each month.  This will begin in October and end in May from 2:40-3:30.  If you would like your child to attend extra help classes, I request a written note. (hard email)


Students must choose at least 3 interesting books to read, and when they finish each book, they should fill out the title, author, and write at least 3 sentences about the book in the summer journal.  Parents please sign the journal and mail it to the Senator's office.  He will send your child a certificate.  The children will bring the certificate to school in September.  Mrs. Schachner will also give them a NUT card if they meet the reading requirement. 

The children will receive three notebooks in September.  They are: homework, journal, and writer's notebooks.  As the children complete a notebook, please send in $2.00 to purchase a new one.  The children need these notebooks everyday.

Please take a look at "My Resources."There are many activities for your child to work on.

Your child will receive a homework sheet with the week's homework on it.  All homework must be signed and is due the next school day.  The homework sheet will be given out during the months of September through December.  After Christmas recess, your child will be copying their homework off the board into their homework notebook.  Please review my class page as well.  All homework and important information will be posted. 

Parents, may I ask you to please read the calendar and handbook.  You will find information that your child needs to follow.  Thank you for your cooperation!

I hope the following list will be helpful to you throughout the school year.  A gentle reminder to all,  please sharpen all pencils, label all your child's belongings, and put all money  in a labeled envelope.

Please send in a note for everything.  (absences, change in dismissal, clubs, brownies, cub scouts, etc.)  Notes must be written....NO EMAILS...HARD COPY ONLY

If  your child does not complete classwork in class, the work needs to be completed at home.

Please remember to send your child with a healthy snack every day:)  Water is the only drink permitted during snack time.

Please sign all homework and tests.  Thank you!!!!!

Review your math facts everyday:)

Please read at least 20 minutes per day:)

Please send in lunch coupons for the entree.  Snack and drink  monies should be in an envelope clearly labeled with your child's name, snack and drink.  The coupon plan will begin the second week of school.  Please purchase your coupons.

Book It calendars will be checked every Friday.

Dolch Word List is in the packet that I will distribute at Meet the Teacher Night. Please review these words daily.  Perhaps you could make flash cards with these words for your child.  It would be quite helpful.

Let's remember we are a team!  For your child to succeed, we must work together!